Review Course Section Quiz 08

SQ 8.1 Which of the following is not a symptom of poor indoor air quality (IAQ)? I. Headache, II. Fatigue, III. Concentration Trouble, IV. Eye Irritation, V. Throat Irritation
SQ 8.2 When calculating outdoor air requirements as per the ASHRAE 62.1 Breathing Zone Outdoor Airflow formula, Pz is the __________.
SQ 8.3 Calculate the sensible cooling load due to infiltration through a 5 ft x 3 ft new metal casement window. The window is not weatherstripped with average gaps and is located on the windward side of the house. Wind speed is 35 mph. Outdoor temperature is 98°F; indoor temperature is 75°F.
SQ 8.4 Vibration caused by a single frequency, forced function is a __________ vibration.
SQ 8.5 According to the Whole Building Design Guide, General Offices should maintain an NC level between __________.

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