Review Course Section Quiz 07

SQ 7.1 Calculate the U-value for the following 16'-1½” x 10'-0" wall construction: 9" limestone, ½" sand aggregate mortar, 8" cinder aggregate concrete block, 1½” Nonreflective Air Space (50°F mean; 10°F temperature difference), 1½” – 2.2 lb/ft3 Expanded Polystyrene Insulation, 2” x 4” Wood Stud (at 16” OC), 1/2″ Gypsum Wallboard
SQ 7.2 Calculate the CLTDCORR for the wall in question SQ 7.1 at 4:00 pm in June. The wall is group F, light colored in a rural area, and faces southwest at 16° North latitude. The design outdoor conditions are 99°F/80°F and the indoor conditions are 75°F/50%RH.
SQ 7.3 Calculate the heat transfer through the wall described in questions SQ 7.1 & SQ 7.2.
SQ 7.4 Calculate the heat transfer to a 10' x 10' room from 4 recessed 215 volt, unvented fluorescent lights at noon. The room has a 6 in. concrete floor, carpet/pad, 100 cfm of supply air, and an unvented ceiling. The lights are 2 lamp, 40 watts per lamp and are on 12 hours per day.
SQ 7.5 Calculate the cooling load from a motor that produces a heat gain of 25,000 Btuh, a load factor of 1.15, a sensible heat factor of 0.90, and a Cooling Load Factor (CLF) of 0.97.

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