Review Course Section Quiz 06

SQ 6.1     Energy can cross system boundaries by which of the following: I. in the form of heat, II. in the form of work, III. carried by material entering or leaving the system, by means of radiation.
SQ 6.2     A mass balance is only meaningful in terms of a specific region of space called a __________, which has boundaries across which the terms  and  are determined.
SQ 6.3     The indoor air temperature in a room is 75°F/50%RH. 25,000 cfm of heating air is provided at 98°F/66.2°F. How much moisture is required to humidify the air to maintain the 50% RH?
SQ 6.4     Calculate the amount of steam required if a steam humidifier was used to provide the required moisture in the previous example?

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