Review Course Section Quiz 02

SQ 2.1     Which of the following is not a Thermodynamic process:
SQ 2.2     A pressure gage measures 51.3 psig. What is the absolute pressure in psia if the barometric pressure is 27.9 in. of mercury?
SQ 2.3     A 100% outside air, air handling unit must dehumidify and cool 25,000 cfm of 100°F air at 60%RH down to 50°F and 100%RH. What amount of sensible cooling required? Assume the density of air is 0.0749 lb/ft3 and the specific heat capacity is 0.241BTU/lb-°F.
SQ 2.4     25,000 cfm of 100°Fdb/87°Fwb air is to be cooled down to 50°F/100% RH. How much moisture is removed in this process? The mass balance equation is ṁw = ṁa x (W1 – W2), where ṁw is the mass flow rate of moisture, ṁa is the mass flow rate of air and W is the humidity ratio. The specific volume of air is 14.4 ft3/lba. Using the Psychrometric Chart: W1 (at 100°Fdb/87°Fwb) = 176 grains/lba, W2 (50°F/100% RH) = 54 grains/lba
SQ 2.5     The transfer of heat between a solid and a stationary fluid is known as ________.

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